Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Pat, No!

Profound conversations with Jess and Teh shall commence.

Jess:  i can't remember

 Te oooh
werewolf queef

 Te every time you think it has something to do with a koala

 Jess:  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
why the fuck do i think of koalas

 Te Hahahahaha

 Jess:  oh man that made me laugh so fucking hard
 Te I don't know man, but it's funny as shit

 Jess:  god
we are so funny

 Te hahaaha
I knoow
not very many other people think so though

 Jess:  its because we don't know a lot of normal people that think funny things are funny

 Te Maybe we're just abnormal though
or maybe everyone around us is asshats

 Jess:  i think most people we know are asshats cause we live in utah county where everyone is frumpy and upset at something
 Te hahahahahaha
frumpy and upset at something
it's so perfect
perfect description

 Jess:  haha it's just how it is
 me:  haha, I know
 Jess:  wonky
 Jess:  i know yo
fuckin wasps
 Te asshats
they are asshats
 Jess:  do you read that as "ass hat" or "ass shat"?

 Te ass hat

 Jess:  ass shat is funny too

 Te:  hahah
yes it is

 Jess:  hahaha i think of dr seuss
"ass. Shat. No pat, no! dont sit in that!"

 Te:  hahaha
what the fuck man?

 Jess:  hahahahahahahaha

 Te:  hahaha ohh my god
that's so funny, but it doesn't make any sense

 Jess:  hahahahaha
its in reference to hop on pop
there was a part where Pat was going to sit on a cactus, but one of the kids were like "no pat, no! don't sit on that!"

   Te:  hahahaha

 Jess:  and pat's face man
pat's face

 Te:  hahahahaha

 Jess:  he's all about to sit down and he looks behind him like "ohhh"

 Te:  hahaha
I dying right now
just this whole conversation
is fucking funny

 Jess:  hahahahaha i know man

 Te:  hahaha

 Jess:  oh my god i'm laughing at myself so hard right now

 Te hahahaha
me tooo
your little rhyme is killing me
 Te:  hahahahaha

 Jess:  his face
his fucking face

 Te:  hahahahaha

 Jess:  and his hands
its like he's been walked in on

 Te:  hahahahahahahaha
oh man
I didn't notice the hands
but they're fucking funnt

 Jess:  hahahahahahaha

 Te:  oooooh man

 Jess:  and if i remember correctly, pat likes to sit on weird shit
like a cup

 Te:  hahahaha
oh my god
dude hang on


 Te:  I gottta piss or I'm gonna pee my pants from laughter
in the toilet 

 Te:  at first glance I thought it said "trash reading hop on pop"

 Jess:  oh my god i thought it was until you said that

 Te:  hahahaha
trash reading sounds like it's own verb
like "let me just trash-read this real quick"

 Jess:  hahahahaha i knoww