Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Uh oh!

Dear Boobie-followers,

(Sorry I said that you should expect a post in the following week in the last post. I was just in a good mood then, and then after that I wasn't. So suck it. Here's one now.)
Just because I have very few followers, I'm going to tell you a naughty secret. It makes me giggle-y to think about it, but it's actually just embarrassing...
So this is the story: I went through the whole day wearing my underwear inside-out. I didn't notice 'till not too long ago.
And, me just being myself, I start over analyzing this obscure fact about today.
I took a test on copyright issues..... with my underpants on inside-out.
I played the ukulele and learned a new song.... with my underpants on inside-out.
I socialized with several different people... with my underpants on inside-out.
Then I tried imagining people's reactions if we were just in normal conversation, and then I just blurt out, "Aaaah my underwear is on inside-out right now."
Stephanie would probably cringe her face a little bit, then say, "Well I'm sorry to hear that."
Tess would probably say, "You dingus."
Genevieve would either start laughing, or say, "Jess. I don't want to know that right now," or look at me straight in the eye and say, "Jess. Are you having a moment?"
Morgan would probably say something like, "Sexy," or "Uhm, okay?"
Dallas would probably go like this: "Aaaaah! Jess don't tell me that!"
Mercedes' eyes would probably go real big, then say, "Jess! Really?!"
Shannen would probably tilt her head to the side and go, "Awww." Or, she would say, "Okay. I don't know why you just told me that."
Lara would probably tell me about a similar experience about herself. I think.

Anyways, that is my naughty secret for the day.