Saturday, December 3, 2011

Genevieve, My Presh' Babycake

This is an ode to Genevieve:
Genevieve is possibly one of the greatest people in ze world.
She's one of the very very few people that can handle me when I'm in a terrible mood (i.e. calmly reminding me that koala bears have two penises).
So thank you Genevieve, 'cause you take what is in your head and you make things that are so beautiful and share them with your friends.
I'm really glad she's alive.
Genny has a good color of hair at the moment. I'ma fan.
Genny is one of the most intelligent people I know. And her sense of humor intertwines with her smart brain, and the words that come out of her mouth... they're so great. Oh, Genny and her diction!!!!
She's also one of the prettiest people I know. Seriously, her face. I like it a lots. (Homo, baby. All the way.)
My Math Guardian whispered to me that she likes you, too.

Cheers to you, Genevieve!