Monday, September 12, 2011


So, does this background make it easier to read? Feedback, please.
Do de doopy derp. What?
So lately, my blog sucks. Sorry about that. I really don't know what to say.

But, if you want, you can giggle at this silly man.

What a silly man.


Oh, and here's an image that has to do with boobs.
Are those boobs?!?!?

So... yeah. Hope you're life is doing alright. See ya.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Updates On Past Time

(Probably mostly everyone that reads this already knows some of the stuff I'm gonna ramble about, but I'm not writing for you, I'm writing for myself. So suck it.)
I have a bunny named Bunny. My dad found her in his parking lot off of State Street, poor skinny bony bunny. But she hopped up and sat on his foot, so he took her home. She's crazy about blueberries, carrots, and dandelions. One time she hoped in a plant in my front room and started digging in the dirt. So now we don't have that plant in the living room. She did have a cage, but she doesn't really use it. My house and my backyard is her cage, which is awesome in comparison to other bunny situations in the world. (In fact I'm pretty sure Bunny ran away from these Mexicans that were going to eat her near my dad's karate studio... My dad almost took a goat and sheep home one day apparently? Couldn't fit em in the Carola, was his excuse.) Also, Bunny runs around your feet in circles when she's excited to see you and it's so cute. And she likes to snuggle. And, it's cute when she cleans her ears. But it's friggin weird when she makes gasping sounds, cause it sounds like a human. She also likes to lick feet like a dog with her long skinny tongue. When she get scared, she runs inside in the living room and thumps her foot really loud. You can hear it throughout the house. (Oh yeah, we trained her to go through the doggy-door.)
Alright, moving on.
My job at Gingers was the most fantastic job I ever had (it was my first job), until August came along. Brittany, my boss, spontaneously moved to California to work on a marijuana farm. Which doesn't surprise me at all that she would, but it sucked that she left early without telling anyone. The provo location was closing anyways, but not until the 30th. We ended up closing early, but no one really told me in time, so I missed the walkabout this year. Which, I was okay with it, cause it sounded crazy this year, with the whole seizure thing and the Morgan almost dying of heat stroke thing, and also I got to spend time with mah brother and sister-in-law while they were in town.
Moving on.
I'm excited, but scared as shit, to be growing up. Money. I need a lot of it. To live. Maybe I'll just make my hobo short story a reality and just live in the Salt Lake City Airport and eat out of garbage cans, and look through people's luggage and smell people's underwear. I probably won't smell people's underwear. But if I was desperate to brush my teeth, I would most definitely use a strangers toothbrush and toothpaste.
Anyways, this is a not-fer-sure thing at all, but Lara has nominated me to visit Mount Holyoke in November, for free and everything, flight paid for and everything, and I would sleep in someone's dorm. By myself. Traveling across the country by myself and sleeping in a complete stranger's room. But, if everything works out and I DO get to even go, we're gonna try to see if I can hop on a train from MH to Bryn Mawr to Ingrid, and then we would go to New York to where Eva goes to college. Which sounds awesome, but then I think of who I am and it scares me really bad. But I really hope I do get to visit at least Bryn Mawr sometime during the school year; I've been pretty flip-floppy about the whole women's college thing. Not sure how I feel about it. But, it would be good to visit.
I don't want to take the fucking SAT.
So yeah.... St. John's College in New Mexico sounds pretty cool, too. I probably won't go there though. I think I only like it in theory.
Oh hey, speaking of stressful things, I got a planner. I wrote a list of homework on each date, and I feel a lot better, since I had homework from every class except for one. Now I know what I should do first. I really hope I don't turn into a crazy bitch this school year, again.
Hey, so there was this really big moth in my house and it freaked me out. Hayli looked up if moths bite, and this is what she found:

Also, not all moths have mouths.

I drank like a million cups of water with mint and lemon in it today. It's good.
I also made Earl Grey Cuppycakes and they were fucking delicious and I'm making them again.
AAAH It's almost my birthday. But, it's Tyler's birthday today. And then Tess's birthday is even sooner. And. Probably someone else's birthday cause I remember last year that there were sooooo many birthdays in september.
I got a soft case for my accordion yesterday.
Um um ummmm.