Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is such a lovely tea; wonderful to have any time of day. I usually take it with a 'lil sugar and almond milk. Sounds great, right? What can be better than that fantastic beverage?
...Well, what if, there was an UPGRADE from Earl Grey tea? Well now there is!!!
Scroll down and look at that food porn. Look. At. Eet.
I'm totally gon' make that.
Doesn't this just make you so thankful that there is good in the world??
Here will be an excerpt from my prayers tonight:
"Dear Cosmic Universe (or whatever Greater Being I feel like praying to tonight),
Thank you for letting a certain Chinese-Mandarin live on this Earth, who presented his blend of tea to Lord Grey, who was also living at the time. Thank you for having Lord Grey like the taste of it. Also, thank you for having the Earl Grey name the tea after himself-- even though it sounds selfish and should have been named after the Chinese-Mandarin-- I like saying the name "Earl Grey." Also, you have no idea how grateful I am that you put the idea in humans' heads to have tea included into recipes in some of the greatest works of confectionery and baked goods. And thank you for gifting thumbs to humans. Even though humans have probably done a lot of bad things, thanks to thumbs, humans have also made fricken delicious things with them. Like Earl Grey cuppycakes.
This whole chain of coincidences makes me happy. Unless of course, it was just fate, and all a part of your fantastic plan to please me, and others.
I love you.
Love, Jess. Amen.
(Post Script: I'm sorry if I got some of my facts wrong in the beginning of this prayer, I'm just trying to say that I'm thankful. Also, blame the wikipedia article I read about Earl Grey. Here it is:,_2nd_Earl_Grey
Maybe you can settle this peacefully and just give the author of that article a vision of what really happened.... or something. Just brainstorming. Okay. Sorry. For Realz, Amen.)"